Portugal Series: Algarve. Faro, Tavira, Lagos

In the following days, I will cover various aspects from my Portugal trip. It was a journey that lasted for two weeks full of intense experiences regarding the local cuisine but also the landscape and lifestyle.


Our plane did not land in Lisbon, but in Faro. Faros international airport and harbour makes the town the hub of Algarve. Being the most southern region in Portugal, Algarve is home to numerous sandy beaches and rugged coastlines. Because of its obvious natural beauty, tourists from all over the world come to swim, play golf and relax. Nevertheless, crowdedness will  be experienced only in urban areas, not on rural beaches.


As far as I can remember, we did not do much in Faro. It was early in the morning and we were in search of a decent place for having breakfast. We found a small pastelaria where we would buy stars made of dried figs and almonds. Then we walked around. There was a festival going on, so we were entertained by pupils competing with gymnastic performances.


Tavira is a very charming lagoon city. There is a riverbank with some cafés  and a boat station for those who want to visit the beach outside of town . Everything was decorated with paper garlands and flowers. For eating I can recommend the small towns nearby.

We spent the night in this nice, yet very expensive hotel: Pousada Convento de Tavira. The atmosphere was wonderful since the house originally served as a convent and therefore possesses historic value.

Our hotel in Tavira. Charming!


… is marked by tourism. This becomes apparent through a large number of souvenir shops, burger restaurants and stores from international clothing brands. Nevertheless, the touristic area is restricted to some main roads. Meanwhile in the outskirts, normal Portuguese life takes place.  To be honest, I did not enjoy this stop of my trip particularly much. There is few to see, in fact. Still worth mentioning is our lunch in a small café that would please many hipsters: Goji. To become more specific, I can totally recommend the Frappuccino. It is a large iced coffee that comes in a jar alongside with lots of whipped cream and coffee beans.

Fish market in Lagos
Carob beans: Local speciality.


What should be visited, in my opinion, is Ponta da Piedade. The rock formations, semi-drowned in water, are spectacular to look at and a nice spot to take photos. Please be careful! I had my shoot right next to the sea, pretending to walk into ice-cold water. Suddenly, a wave came and hit me right into the face. I was wet from the bottom to the top. Everyone around laughed at me, including myself. What an adventure!