Vision & Taste’s aim is to teach people enjoyment through cuisine. 


In my experience, eating with relish involves three steps:

First: Use your Eyes and Nose.

Examine your dish visually and osmically.

What ingredients do you recognize? How have they been used?

Imagine the taste adventure you are going to perceive and how it will please you.

Second: Use your Mouth.

Do not forget to try every component of your meal first separately so

that you get an idea of how the meal was composed. Then experiment with combinations.

Each time place a small bite on your fork. Close your eyes. Savour.

Third: Use your Brain.

Review what you have just experienced. Have your previous expectations been met or has the dish surprised you completely?

Think about the ingredients and their way of preparation.

If the taste adventure has pleased you, preserve it in your memory.

Dear curious readers,

this blog is written by an eighteen-year-old student called Isabella.


Despite my young age, my life-long passion for culinary art has allowed me to acquire already a lot of experience.

Namely, I have not only visited numerous restaurants, but also prepared many meals myself.

Starting with chocolate muffins, I soon headed to much bolder creations, some of them even self-devised.

Now I want share my passion and knowledge. As a consequence, this blog was created and named

“Vision and Taste”, which refers to my firm conviction that it takes more than a mouth to eat and cook with relish.