Indian summer: Curcuma latte. NBS Episode 04

To be honest, I got the idea for this drink from a woman’s magazine where it was being advertised as “the latest food trend coming from the USA”. That was more than two months ago and it seems like it has not even arrived in Europe by now. Maybe never will. Too bad. This curcuma latte is really a great alternative to the classic Café latte. It is much related to super-sweet Chai latte, however, I didn’t add any sugar in it.

Curcuma latte owes its name – unsurprisingly – to the Curcuma inside that gives the milk a wonderful, golden glance. In addition, you can combine different spices (preferably Indian ones) that will automatically create a nice, warm feeling.

It is this particular beautifully golden shimmer and the warm feeling created by the spices that makes Curcuma latte “the recipe of my summer” with which I join the blogger project “Let’s cook together” from the german foodblog “Whatinaloves” (Ina gives out monthly themes for food bloggers in order to create a big recipe collection and connect bloggers.)

I haven’t experimented a lot with the enhancements, so I feel there’s still a high potential left in this recipe. It is good, but there could be even more. Therefore, I suggest you try to enrich it with a few more flavors yourself. Please let me know once you’ve found something satisfying.

Curcuma latte
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Curcuma latte
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  1. Put the milk on the stove. Add spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and of course Curcuma. Warm up and stir until frothy. Enjoy!
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