National Speciality Portugal: Gazpacho

Hot summers call for cold food. Even soups, traditionally served hot, are then transformed into icy liquid. One particular creation, that involves tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and vinegar, has been invented under the name Gazpacho in the South of Portugal. During my stay in Portugal, I would frequently opt for this cold soup as a […]


Triple Salad

Grass under bare feet. A warm breeze. Light darkness. Smell of flowers. Birds sing. Taste. One thing I associate with summer is dinner in our garden. When the sun slowly sets and everything shimmers golden, including whatever is served upon the table, I feel so incredibly comfortable. Yesterday evening, for example, was highly enjoyable. We […]

Man muss das Leben genießen.

  Ich empfinde die Süße von Wohlergehn und Glück wie die andern, aber nicht, indem ich beiläufig darüber hinweggleite. Man muß sie vielmehr auf der Zunge zergehen lassen, ihr nachspüren und sie wiederkäuen, um so dem gebührend zu danken, der sie uns schenkt.   De Montaigne, Michel: Essais. In: Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: Essais. Erste moderne […]

Change / Veränderung

From now on, my texts are going to appear in German only.This is because I judge my English language skills not advanced enough in order to cover the full horizon of my thoughts when writing. Nevertheless, the recipes themselves continue to be in English, because I want them to be readable by a larger audience. […]

Red Grapes, Rosé Wine and Pine Nuts

Already the colors indicate the season here. With the last hot day passed, it’s time to think about autumn season. Orange pumpkins in the garden already overflow the compost and the berry harvest comes to an end. Unfortunately, neither redcurrants nor plums have found entry into our kitchen this year, although we might buy the […]

Courgettes with feta cheese and warm tomato salad

I proudly annonce the beginning of another series: Visionary Vegetarian Cuisine. Ever since I love to improvise and usually trust my guts when it comes to cooking, I want to share those experimental recipes in a seperate category. Before we come to the recipes, a few words about my self-devised cuisine: Firstly, it goes fast […]

New breakfast series: Summer season. Episode 01

Good morning, cardamom-lovers! Today I’m going to present you my new breakfast series. The scenes shown here have just been shot at my kitchen table. So be prepared and enjoy! The picture above tells the story of kardemummabullar. First it was perfectly complete, yet already pre-cut. One piece went missing: It went straight onto my […]

The problem with sustainability

It has become almost compulsory these days to declare one’s company as sustainable and eco-friendly. However, are those declarations always truthful? Is H&M supportable because they have launched a Conscious campaign and at the same time continued to produce under questionable working conditions? Not to forget the tremendous amounts of clothes being bought every day […]