Come Back Strudel

Lange ist es her, dass ich geschrieben habe. In meinem Leben hat sich so viel getan und es war so viel zu tun, dass ich gar keine Zeit mehr für den Blog übrig hatte. Nun sollte es aber eine umfassende Erneuerung geben: Layout, Inhalt und Ausrichtung. Ich plane mehr und größere Bilder, Faktenwissen zu den einzelnen […]

Spiced Apple Muffins – Life is Full of Gold

  Running honey, thick yoghurt, and hot spiced apples are combined in these decadent muffins. Their consistency is one of “fluffy pancakes” according to my brother. ♣ Life is full of gold. Taste it! ♣   … Btw: I will continue to write most of prologues in English despite my last announcement. The recipe has been […]

Courgette Cake

Mein erster Beitrag auf Deutsch. Komisches Gefühl… und doch befreiend. Was Sprache alles ausrichten kann… Ich schreibe nun viel flotter, denke rascher, fühle mich wie zuhause. Apropos zuhause, ich habe vor kurzem einen interessanten TED Talk gesehen, der einen Vergleich zwischen “Zuhause ankommen” und Kreativität zieht und dadurch zeigt, wie man Erfolg nach dem Erfolg […]

Forrest and Palm Fruit

Blueberries and Bananas, both start with a “b”, blue and yellow, berry and fruit, regional and exotic, small and big. One derives from the mysteriously dark-green forrest, the other from tall palm trees. Both combined: A divine delight! ♣ To tell the truth, I had been very astonished by the outcome of the following recipe: […]

Indian summer: Curcuma latte. NBS Episode 04

To be honest, I got the idea for this drink from a woman’s magazine where it was being advertised as “the latest food trend coming from the USA”. That was more than two months ago and it seems like it has not even arrived in Europe by now. Maybe never will. Too bad. This curcuma […]

Apricot, Peach and Thyme. NBS E03

Before I move on to other recipes than yoghurt, I would like to show you an example how to combine multiple flavors and textures in this type of breakfast. Apricot, Peach and Thyme. Print recipe CourseBreakfast DifficultyVery easy Apricot, Peach and Thyme. Print recipe CourseBreakfast DifficultyVery easy Ingredients Muesli pine nuts Sliced apricots and peaches […]

Yoghurt variations inspirations: New Breakfast Series E02

Creamy, crunchy, nutty, fruity, sometimes spicy… all of these flavors and consistencies are combined in my daily yoghurts.  I know most of the Internet blogs opt either for full-fat greek yoghurt or super-sweet granola, I choose neither and I am still rewarded with an excellent taste. The following recipe should serve you lots of ideas, […]

Raspberry and Quark: Challenge accepted!

Don’t be so shy – try out something new! Like this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious quark mousse with raspberry sauce. It kind of reminds me of the classical vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce, but it is not quite like it. Instead, it is a wonderful quark mousse (quark is a very special kind of milk product, […]

New breakfast series: Summer season. Episode 01

Good morning, cardamom-lovers! Today I’m going to present you my new breakfast series. The scenes shown here have just been shot at my kitchen table. So be prepared and enjoy! The picture above tells the story of kardemummabullar. First it was perfectly complete, yet already pre-cut. One piece went missing: It went straight onto my […]

Inspired by South tyrol: Sun-dried-tomato-filled aubergine

Sun-dried tomatoes are a very precious good indeed. On the one side, they boost an amazing flavour, on the other side, they cost a lot more than the normal, fresh ones.  In the beginning of August, I went to South tyrol which is a former part of Austria, nowadays it’s Italian. (Travel report follows!) It […]